This is what Dall E thinks Babe Ruth at the Polo Grounds looked like'
This is what DALLE thinks Babe Ruth at the Polo Grounds looked like.

Welcome to Baseball Graphs

A long time ago, I thought that maybe graphs would help people better understand baseball sabermetrics. My idea was that there are often two dimensions to the game:

So I created two-dimensional graphs that illuminate these things. The result was this website.

Up on the left, click on the 2003 Baseball Graphs link to see the original site, with lots of seasonal details, including Win Shares (a brand new thing at the time). If you click on 2005 Batted Balls, you'll see an early version of something we take for granted now when we talk about launch angles and exit velocities. Unfortunately, the Historical Graphs page is being reconstructed. Not worth your time.

After developing this website, I took my shtick to The Hardball Times, where the graphs and stats continued to evolve on our website and books. After ten years, we merged with Fangraphs, where the fun is still happening. Check it out.

If you want to see the latest and greatest use of graphics and baseball stats, go to Statcast. But I figure that I'll preserve this website for a while, if only to show how far we've come.